An eco-village in Lebanon's Chouf valley

​It sits symbolically above a Druze and a Christian village in the heart of Lebanon's age-old Chouf region, and the choice of location is no accident. Welcome to Bkerzay, a unique eco-destination built from traditional Lebanese stone architecture and furnished with upcycled furniture. There is much more to Bkerzay though than its stone guest houses. It's found in the centre of a region which encompasses river valleys and forested mountains and was once the seat and homeland of Lebanon's emirates.

A centre of arts, culture and nature

Galerie Ephémère is a contemporary art, culture and nature centre in the heart of the Belgian countryside. This exceptional arts centre is located on the beautiful Ferme du Pont de Bois (The Farm of the Wooden Bridge) in Thuin, southern Belgium. The stunning surroundings boast a renovated farmhouse set in six hectares of rolling fields and countryside, as well as a picturesque rental cottage which can be hired out for overnight stays.