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The Arabs making a life for themselves in Latvia

Hesham Dawoud came to Latvia eight years ago with his Latvian wife, who he says he met online. Between working in bars and doing evening shifts in a kebab shop, he has little spare time to socialise. Before moving to Riga, the 35-year-old Egyptian and his wife lived between Cairo and Alexandria. But when the country started becoming increasingly unstable prior to the 2011 revolution, Hesham and his wife decided to move to Riga.

An eco-village in Lebanon's Chouf valley

​It sits symbolically above a Druze and a Christian village in the heart of Lebanon's age-old Chouf region, and the choice of location is no accident. Welcome to Bkerzay, a unique eco-destination built from traditional Lebanese stone architecture and furnished with upcycled furniture. There is much more to Bkerzay though than its stone guest houses. It's found in the centre of a region which encompasses river valleys and forested mountains and was once the seat and homeland of Lebanon's emirates.

Kā Skotijā izaudzināt latviski runājošu bērnu. Vanteru ģimenes pieredze

Kopš 2009.gada, vairāk nekā 200000 cilvēki ir atstājuši Latviju, lai meklēt darbu iespējas ārzemēs*. Lielbritānijā, Īrijā un Vācijā ir lielākas latviešu emigrantu sabiedrības. No tā izriet svarīgi jautājumi: kā saglabāt latviešu valodu nākamajām paaudzēm un kā iemācīt ārzemēs dzīvojošiem bērniem runāt latviski? Ārzemēs dzimusī latviete Lidija Lieģis rakstu sērijā "Lsm.lv" rādīs valodas saglabāšanas pieredzi, dzīvojot svešumā.
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