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The Arabs making a life for themselves in Latvia

Hesham Dawoud came to Latvia eight years ago with his Latvian wife, who he says he met online. Between working in bars and doing evening shifts in a kebab shop, he has little spare time to socialise. Before moving to Riga, the 35-year-old Egyptian and his wife lived between Cairo and Alexandria. But when the country started becoming increasingly unstable prior to the 2011 revolution, Hesham and his wife decided to move to Riga.

móTTO Beirut | Spotted by Locals

Motto serves some of the best Indian food in Beirut. It’s a tiny, charming restaurant in the heart of Mar Mikhael. It only has a handful of tables, plus a very small one upstairs (mind your head if you’re tall like me, because the ceiling is low) and a couple of tables on the street in warmer weather. In the summertime, the chef stands next to the diners outside making naan bread on a portable stove, while the local stray cats wander up to the tables to beg for scraps.

An eco-village in Lebanon's Chouf valley

​It sits symbolically above a Druze and a Christian village in the heart of Lebanon's age-old Chouf region, and the choice of location is no accident. Welcome to Bkerzay, a unique eco-destination built from traditional Lebanese stone architecture and furnished with upcycled furniture. There is much more to Bkerzay though than its stone guest houses. It's found in the centre of a region which encompasses river valleys and forested mountains and was once the seat and homeland of Lebanon's emirates.

Life in the fast lane ends for Antonov

Banker, entrepreneur and investor is how Vladimir Alexandrovich Antonov describes himself on the business networking site LinkedIn. Currently out on police bail, 36-year-old British-Russian Antonov and his Lithuanian business partner Raimondas Baranauskas were arrested on Nov. 24, 2011 in London after the Lithuanian authorities found over 290 million euros in assets missing from Snoras, Lithuania’s fifth biggest bank by assets, which the pair had a majority stake in.