Why hire me?

"Lidija quickly changed our organization after she joined, with her writing and editing skills. She is both driven and diligent. She identifies the problems and meticulously applies her skills to solve them without needing guidance or oversight. Writing and editing are so much more than knowing English. One of our co-founders was an English teacher, but Lidija, as a professional writer, took our content to the next level. While she did vastly improve the static pages on our website, her work was especially impactful in helping us narrate our stories in a professional way that engaged our audience. She not only did this for new stories, but went back and edited all of the older ones to these new standards. We were thrilled with the results and heard much positive feedback. Lidija invests herself in her work. She used her voice to challenge us when she saw a better way or something that fell short of what she thought we could do." - Patricia Pradhan, founding member of activist group This Is Lebanon